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Aligning Your IG Program with Your Organization’s Mission for C-Suite Buy-In

Laurie Fischer | January 08, 2018

As data continues to grow uncontrollably in every organization today, the need for comprehensive information governance becomes increasingly apparent. Defining the rules and operating needs that govern an organization’s data, and then acting on those rules through defensible disposition, reduces the risk and cost of unnecessary storage and e-Discovery, as well as reducing the damage of a potential cyber-attack.

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Information Governance Survey: 3 Things Organizations Can Do to Enhance Their IG Programs in 2017

Laurie Fischer | January 25, 2017

High-profile security breaches, the ever-growing volume of corporate data and increasingly complex regulatory and technical environments emphasize the need for enhanced enterprise-wide information governance (IG). The mission of many corporate law departments is to help protect their organizations from unnecessary risk and exposure. Therefore, many corporate law departments are facing increased pressure to help reduce the risk that is inherent in unmanaged and uncontrolled information.

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Ten Take-Aways from Georgetown Law’s Advanced eDiscovery Institute

Bobbi Basile | December 02, 2014

Evolving case law, new proposed rules and technology advances provided no shortage of complex topics at this year’s conference. The Annual Georgetown Advanced eDiscovery Institute never fails to deliver engaging topics that are top of mind for lawyers and technologists practicing in the electronic discovery realm. The industry has experienced a number of innovation milestones over the past several years as it has adapted to the complexities presented by discovering relevant evidence in this ever-changing electronic age.

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