HBR’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tagger Has Been Upgraded to Integrate with More Law Firm Software

Scott Springer | September 20, 2018

With the rise of new compliance laws like GDPR in Europe, California’s new privacy requirements and other increased privacy scrutiny, as well as well-publicized law firm data breaches, it is understandable that law firms are feeling even more pressure to take steps to reduce their risk profile and triple-check that their data is safe. CIOs are looking at all aspects of security, including how systems can be breached or how data can be shared inadvertently. If you are working on 2018 data protection commitments made to your firm’s upper management, we wanted to make sure you are aware of a tool that can bolster the effects of your data loss prevention (DLP) solution: DLP Tagger.

DLP Tagger was designed to help law firms address the challenging task of ensuring their data remains safe from loss or unintended leaks. As I described in a blog post when we first launched the product, DLP Tagger is a sophisticated utility that continuously applies and updates file properties (tags like client, matter or security classification) to document management system (DMS) documents, allowing law firms to fully leverage their DLP solutions to comply with outside counsel guidelines and other client-driven data security requirements.

In response to law firm input since its launch nearly a year ago, we have continued to enhance DLP Tagger in order to make it even more useful to firms as they strive to better safeguard their and their clients’ data: 

  • Compatible with upgraded DMS tools. DLP Tagger was initially designed for iManage local clients. But as more firms migrate to systems that allow work from anywhere, we have made DLP Tagger compatible with iManage Work 10 and NetDocuments. When integrated with these DMS tools, DLP Tagger can automatically tag documents with custom and searchable attributes, such as client and matter numbers. If you are planning to upgrade your DMS, this is an opportune time to consider DLP Tagger, as it is relatively easy to add as part of the document migration.
  • Greater ability to track documents. DLP Tagger now has more robust tagging capabilities for sensitive and private documents in Windows-based folders and file shares. With these enhancements, any Windows-based folder can be managed, so client or internal documents can be kept safe.
  • More mobility. DLP Tagger is now far more agile: a web-based interface permits management on-the-go via any browser. Users can now log in remotely to review, add and modify tags. The DLP Tagger dashboard also allows firms to set alerts and monitor tagged documents and activity.

In today’s environment, law firm data security / data protection programs are complex, with many integrated elements. DLP Tagger is a tool that can have an immediate impact by allowing firms to fully leverage their DLP systems. If you are interested in how DLP Tagger can enhance the security of your data, please contact me at