iManage Buyout from HP - The Next Chapter

Nick Quil | July 21, 2015

On July 21, iManage finalized a buyout of their core business from HP to become iManage, Inc. The announcement brings with it a certain sense of electricity and excitement that has been missing for some time. Past mergers required some thought around how the core business of iManage would integrate into the overall strategy of the larger corporate entities, and what affect that would have on their clients. With this announcement however, everything just feels right.

What makes this different? Why is there so much energy around this announcement? We believe there are a few reasons:

  • Strong leadership - Neil Araujo remains the CEO and will be joined by Rafiq Mohammadi who is returning to the leadership team as the Chief Scientist, as well as Mohit Mutreja who is returning as the Chief Technology Officer.
  • A community focus - It is apparent that the entire leadership team is committed to re-focusing efforts on its community, which consists of clients, partners and other users that have been working together now for over 20 years.
  • Finances -  The iManage leadership team has dedicated itself and its finances on the new company by controlling 70% of the company, with the other 30% coming from Chicago business associates and banking help from BMO Harris according to Crain's; This keeps iManage focused on their core product and innovation, rather than beholden to the business drivers of a private equity firm.

So what does all of this mean for clients? The overall message is that iManage will be able to focus and bring to market the solutions that the community has been asking for with much more agility and expediency. There have been many questions around which products will come forward as a part of this deal so we encourage everyone to read the FAQ that iManage has published. Some of the key products included in the deal are:

  • iManage Work (formerly HP WorkSite)
  • iManage Govern (HP WorkSite Records Manager)
  • iManage Insight (HP Universal Search)
  • iManage Share (HP LinkSite)

Any current hosted customers in HP's cloud can expect to continue to receive support.  Furthermore, it appears that support will eventually be transitioning back to Chicago. In the near-term, customers should continue to contact the same support number that they utilize today.

As a platinum partner for over 15 years, we wish the best for iManage and look forward to working with them in this next chapter of their journey. If you have any questions pertaining to iManage, please contact JB Trexler.