Why We Should Pay Attention to HP WorkSite @ILTA

Erik Schmidt | August 17, 2014

In mid-June, I had the pleasure of attending a series of HP hosted User Group Events.  Of the four in this series, I was able to participate in Washington DC, New York and Toronto.  Although they represent very different demographics, there were many areas of commonality. The few notable differences focused mainly around the cloud and issues of data sovereignty in Canada. With the annual ILTA Conference approaching next week, I look forward to seeing how HP carries the themes of the customer events forward into what is arguably the most important trade show of the year.

So what were the major takeaways for the WorkSite community that I think we should pay attention to at ILTA?

  1. The WorkSite team at HP is back and focused on Legal. Whatever behind the scenes drama may have unfolded post acquisition,  they have retained/reacquired key leadership, gained new budgets and additional resources to dedicate towards moving the ball forward on Legal ECM a'la HP’s vision.
  1. A UI refresh in in the works (at last)! Stemming from an HTML5/Adaptive Web Design project for HP RM, the WorkSite team is hot on the trail of a vastly simplified modernized user experience. I will be on the lookout for more details at ILTA on their plans for both the traditional thick client and their new web UI.
  1. HP is embracing the Cloud in  a big way.  This is not to say that they are ready for, or even advocating, a full-fledged switch to cloud or a SaaS based model. Instead, they are taking the more pragmatic path of Private Cloud (Managed Hosted Services).  This approach recognizes that some level of hybrid (on-premise/off-premise) will be necessary for most firms for at least the next 3-5 years. This is an approach that personally makes a lot of sense to me. During ILTA, I will be looking to see if HP discusses ways to simplify its licensing model for client interfaces. This would help make it easier to give some users access to WorkSite via full clients while allowing others to use the improved Web interface
  1. There is finally some clarity (sort of) for what HP's strategy will be for Records Management and Governance in Legal.  The bottom line is this: If your world is WorkSite and you are matter centric, then WorkSite RM is right for you.  However, the picture gets a bit more muddled if you are currently an ARM/MDY customer who is not Matter Centric in Worksite, or, if you are a firm who also wants to apply governance to content that will continue to reside outside of WorkSite (e.g. file shares, in SharePoint, etc.).  In this case, even if you are a law firm, HP appears to be positioning HP RM (formerly TRIM) as your solution.  I would look to HP's messaging during ILTA for more clarity about the path forward for all of you who are still running ARM/MDY.

Some additional areas to watch for this year during ILTA are enhancements to social searching capabilities in IUS and also a one year checkup on HP's LinkSite offering.  If you recall, they launched it at last year's show with a fair amount of fanfare. It will be interesting to learn more about its market adoption, and the ways in which they have continued to evolve and harden the solution.

While you are enjoying the show please be sure to stop by and visit HBR Consulting in Booth #708. We would love to hear your thoughts and what you are seeing of interest at the show and beyond.



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