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Three Ways Benchmarking Data Can Help Information Professionals Identify Opportunities and Position their Needs to Leadership

Theresa Greco | June 06, 2023

Data-driven decision making is a best practice that is increasingly becoming the norm in law firm management, and the library is no exception. Information professionals can leverage reputable benchmarking data to strategically support department decision making and position department needs to firm leadership.

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Building LINKS: Trends, Strategies, and Best Practices from the Second Annual Legal Information and Knowledge Services Conference

Theresa Greco | October 06, 2022

HBR recently concluded the second annual Legal Information and Knowledge Services (LINKS) Conference, bringing together information and knowledge leaders, managers, and professionals from over 70 law firms.

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Are Law Librarians Different Leaders Now?

Theresa Greco | May 20, 2021

A year spent in quarantine has changed life for all of us; both personally and professionally. Things that were once commonplace are no longer. The pandemic has forced law firms and their leaders to change and adapt at extraordinary rates. As problem solvers, librarians were quick to step up and step in and demonstrated their ability to be strong leaders. Let there be no doubt, the role of a professional law librarian has changed significantly, and we are surely different leaders than we were this time last year. This year’s ARK Group Law Firm Libraries Conference, sponsored by HBR Consulting, delved into the expectations of librarians as strategic thinkers and leaders within their organizations. The event was moderated by Joanne Kiley, Senior Manager at HBR. Kiley spearheaded the event by asking attendees to set an intention to commit to a few actionable outcomes that they will take as a result of the conference, thus providing a theme of commitment to implementation and change that...

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