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Ten Years of Inspiration:  An Eye on Today, a Point of View on Tomorrow

Chris Petrini-Poli | October 12, 2021

Ten years ago, we launched HBR Consulting as a new, independent organization dedicated to transforming the business of law for both law firms and corporate legal departments, building on a long legacy in legal consulting. As we celebrate HBR’s tenth anniversary, we want to thank our clients and friends in the legal industry for your continued support and inspiration, motivating much of our success during this transformative decade.

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On the Cusp of the Next Decade: A Look Forward and Back

Chris Petrini-Poli | December 20, 2019

This has been a transformative decade for the legal industry – and for HBR Consulting, as well. At the outset of the current decade, the legal industry was beginning to emerge from a recession. The decade saw a growing focus on value in legal service delivery, the rise of legal operations as a discipline, an abundant array of new technologies to help law departments and law firms better manage the business of law, and an evolving alignment with the voice of the client culminating in leading legal organizations’ desire to collaborate and co-innovate.

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